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Exmoor Studios

A space for sound and stage

 We’re converting the former NatWest Bank building in the heart of Dulverton into a community-led space which will feature a black box theatre and recording studios for musicians and broadcasters.

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A black box studio theatre will be a simple performance space with black walls and a flat, stage-less floor. The simplicity of the space is used to create flexible stage and audience interaction.  Performances will be enhanced by a lighting grid and sound system.
This minimalist space will accommodate up to 50 seated guests for traditional theatre and can be used as an extension of the recording studios for choral work and larger ensembles.


A broadcast quality radio desk is being installed to enable the establishment of a community radio station.
We welcome contributions to this exciting project which we hope will help link communities in our catchment area of the Exe and Barle Valleys.
Professional recording equipment will also be installed in a dedicated studio.  This room will be available for hire with all proceeds recycled into the project.

Sponsor Exmoor Studios

We are a community venture reliant on donations. Every penny contributed goes direct to funding the project.

Make a donation today and join our growing list of individuals and businesses helping to breathe life into this project. Your donations will be very much appreciated, small or large, one-off or regular, it all helps!

Founding Supporters

LIMITED SPACES: Our Founding Supporter scheme will honour any individual who is able to contribute at least £50 to the project with a their name on this site and a permanent “Roll of Honour” board at Exmoor Studios.

Join our Founding Supporters today

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Corporate Sponsors

We are proud to present our corporate sponsors

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